10 MARCH 1900, Page 26

New EDITH/Nil—The new volume in the series of "Temple Dramatists"

(J. M. Dent and Co.) is Oliver Goldsmith's "She Stoops to Conquer," edited, with Preface and Notes, by J. M. Dent (1s. net).—In "The Larger Temple Shakespeare," edited by Israel Gollancz (same publishers, 4s. 6d. net per vol.), we have the seventh volume, containing King Henry VI., Parts I. and IL, and King Richard III., and the eighth, containing King Henry VIII., Troilus and Cressida, and Coriolanus.—In "The Works of William Shakespeare" (George Newnes, is. per vol.), Vols. VIIL-X., containing nine playa in the usual order, from Troilus and Cressida to King Lear.—In the" Author's Edition de Luxe of the Writings of Mark Twain" (Chatto and Windus) Vols. VII. and VIII., containing Roughing It.---Samskrit-Englith Dictionary. By Sir E. M. Monier-Williams. With the col- laboration of Professor E. Leumann and Professor C. Cappeller. (Clarendon Press. .23 18s. 6d.)—Sir E. Monier-Williams was elected to the Boden Professorship of Sanskrit in 1860, after a great struggle, which some of our older readers will remember. In 1872 his Sanskrit Dictionary was brought out, the edition being limited to one thousand copies. When this was exhausted photographic reproductions of the book were used to supply the current demand. Meanwhile the Professor was busy on a volume which should more adequately satisfy the requirements of students of Sanskrit. He wrote the preface to the completed work at Oxford; and, though he did not live to see it issue from the press, he had the satisfaction of correcting the last proof- sheet a few days before his death. When we say that the Ramber of words has been increased by a half (from one hundred and twenty thousand to one hundred and eighty thousand) we give some idea of how the book has grown. But it requires a detailed examination of its pages really to estimate the advance made in the interval between the two editions. Professor Monier-Williams had a long tenure of his chair—few professors have equalled it—but he left behind him an ample return for its honours and emoluments.--Poems. By Dante Gabriel Rossetti. (Ellis and Elvey. 2s. 6d. net.)—This is the first volume of the poems in the " Siddal Edition," and contains, with others, "Dante at Verona ". and "The Blessed DamozeL" .—Recent and Coming Eclipses. By Sir Norman Lockyer. (Mac- millan and Co. 69. net.)—A Manual of Equity Jurisprudence. By Josiah W. Smith. "Fifteenth Edition," by Sidney E. Williams. (Stevens and Sons. 129. 6d.)