10 NOVEMBER 1860, Page 1

The 4foniteur has announced the gratifying fact that the French

Government will bring the commercial treaty into opera- tion at a period earlier than the stipulations required. In the teeth of the prophets of failure, we see everywhere signs of the success of the treaty. Not only is a large trade springing up, but we have proofs of the growth of sound opinions in France from the-lips of English merchants, who have tested in disces-, lien the salami temper of the. French Gover9ent. They are

delighted with its frankness and sincerity, and its desire to carry out to the full the immense change which they have confessedly made. Free-trade ideas are growing in France, and the Govern- ment is overcoming active hostility and inert ignorance. Mr. Ellice of Coventry has indeed selected this juncture to make a demonstration against the treaty and against the Government, in the interests of sound finance and—of Coventry. But, al- though we are as much disposed as Mr. Ellice to combat an ad- vance towards direct taxation, and although we cannot admire the financial course of the Government, we believe, as regards the working of the treaty, that facts will prove too strong for the Member for Coventry.