10 NOVEMBER 1860, Page 19

ItOt (Wirtz.

The rush of dramatic works into visible existence is as violent as ever. On Monday last, a new piece, half comedietta, half ballet, was brought out at the Lyceum, with the-title, Pete of the-Parterre. Its object is to show Miss Lydia Thompson as a dancing zephyr, carrying on a flirtation with dancing flowers. At the Princess's, the evening's entertainment is lengthened by another hybrid production, called Garibaldi Excursionists, which shows a number of young ladies equipped in the uniform com- monly associated with the Italian. patriot, Mr. Wilkie Collins's Woman us White has been forced into the dimensions of melodrama by a modern Procrustes, named Ware, and crowds. go to see Mr. Creswick play. Count fosee at the Surrey. Mr., Talexy has opened the ci-devant concertroom of her Majesty's Theatre—now a regular playhouse called the " Bijou " ...for the performance of French plays; but his company is as yet far too feeble to sustain the reputation he acquired at the St. James's.

The immediate future is pregnant with still more important matters. Tonight, we are promised a new piece by Tom Taylor, to be brought out

at the Haymarket, with the title, The Babel in the Wood. On Monday, there will be, if announcements speak truth, a new drama by Mr. Watts Phillips at Drury Lane, with Mr. Webster as the principal character, a. new drama, from the French; called Adrienne de Beaupre, at the Lyceum, and anew farce at the Olympic.