10 NOVEMBER 1860, Page 2

The Road murder is now under investigation in a court

which gab been constructed for the .purpose. 2he ancient landmarks in The la* of evidence have been set aside as effete, and the new court collects gossip, rumour, hearsay, and tittle-tattle, without the formality of oaths, and, if it does not end in the discovery of the murderer, vicariously compensates us by refleotinn-e' sus- picion on at least half-a-dozen persons. Mr. Saunders has got a theory, like all his predecessors, and he seeks to find facts to support his preconception. This is but a continuation of the original error. Logical men would first have collected the facts upon which to construct a theory of guilt. This persistence in a reversal of the ordinary rules of criminal inquiry is not only likely to defeat the ends -of justice in the Road case, but also permanently bring judicial tribunals into disrepute.