10 NOVEMBER 1860, Page 9

On the 27th of • October, at 2, Berkeley Place,

the Wife of Lieutenant.-Colonel IL

W. Norman,' C.B.oita.daughter. - • •• • -

On the 29th; at The Cloisters, Windsor, the Wife of Dr. Elvey, of a daughter.. Ou-the.30th, at Sumo:mil-1dt, near Gainshorough, Lincolnshire, the Wife of the Reverend Jacob Clements' 'Vicar of Cainshoiewth sod Prebendary' of Lincoln, of a

daughter. . • •

.'On the-31st,- at 'Bath, the-Wife of Liententint-Colouel the -Honourable H. M. hlonekton, Third Light Dragoons, of a Son:

On the 1st of Norember,rat Sutton, near Hull; the Wife of Captain:Randolph, of H.31.8; Cornwallis. of a daughter. - On the 6th, at 10, Southwick Crescent, the Wife of Wiicain, junior ESq,„' • of soit.

On the 6th, at Wrotham Park, the Countess of Strafford, of a daughter.

MARRTACEs. On the31st of October, at St. Margaret's 'Westminster, the ReverendlohriFiaber Hodgson, Vicar of Hotsham, Sussex, to Hannah .; on, Widow of thelate Noah Robert Toting, Hurtford; andyounger daughter of the late William Jobe-

stone, Esq , of Iiislum?s Stortfordi Heats,- = - • On the 1st of November at the Pariulf cbttreh, Mangotsfield, Itowley 17: Llnyd, Esq., hartister-at-Taw, and son of the latelitear-Admir.al Lhiyd, K.11., P.E.S: to Mary Elizabeth, daughteref John T.-Neiithi, .Esq., of Ogre Dale, GlotiCesfershire. On `thi 1St; St: George's, HaTIOVek-Siitraiii-by his Chiicethe Archbishop °Lean- terbury,,, the Very Reverend William Goode, D.D., Dean of ]Catherine


daughtereltimonrable,Williatn-Cast.1 • • On the 1st; at St. George's..Haooyer -Equare...Colooe1.,4 'Thornton Grant, C.a., of A.m. ROyall Irish Regiment, to Maryllosanua, eldest daughter of T. Blair, Esq., 46, Queen's Gardens, Hyde Park, and granddaughter of the late 'General Sir Robert R.C.EL

On the.6th, at Croircombe, Somerset; Coventry Warrington Carew, Esq.., of The

Cottare;CieWcombe; son of khe late-Theroae G. W,Carew; Esq. oftron, decibel Coact, to }toilette Anne, iddertilaughter of William Hotham, En:, of rpton, Buchs;andgrianddinghter of the lateAdmiral Sir William flotham, GiC43. On the 901,-at the Parish Xhurch hing's Stanley, Gloucestershire; the Reve- rend Vaughan Sitnnsori- Thilliof college, 0,Ctoici, and Of 'Stanley St. Leonard's, to-Emily Frances, YoUtigait daughter of the Reverend 'Samuel I,foyd, M.A., of Stanley Hall,-fonnerly'Vlear of Horsley, and granddaughter of the late rt Vice-Admiral Young,:ofBaon-end.lrouse:


Ort the-12th of October, on board the 'Seine, off St. Thomas, Lieutenant-Colonel

Cleland Cumberiege, Conant at Tampico, second sou of Joseph Cumber, lege, Ersq.'•. of Htenditiy. .

.0n the 23d, at Ilontleur, in Normandy, David .W..Fraser, Esq., late of Caletitta, and of the Indian llneovenanted Service. .

On the 27th, in his sixty-ninth year, C. H. Cruttwell, Esq., upwards of forty

years Masteref Hales Free Grammar School, Hertford. • - '• • On the 29th, the Reverend D. A. de Soli, upwards,ef forty years Senior !Meister to the Congregation of Spanish and Portuguese Jews, London.

On the 1st of November; at his residence, 13, Cambridge Place, Clifton, the Reverend Edward Carus Wilson, M.A., late vicar of Crosby- Ravensworth, West- moreland, aged sixty-Sve.

On the 2d, at 93, Rutland Gate, in his flfty-aixth year, Edmund Jerntugham, Esq. .0y the 2d, at Heston, the Reverend-Barrington limes' Trimmer, domestic • !hap- his.Grace the Duke of Sutherland, in the fift,e-first year of :

On the 3d, at his residence, 8, Cavendish , Square, Aaron Asher Doldamid, Esq-, • in the seventy-sixth year of his age.

On the 3d, at Edinbuigh; aged seventy-tiro, the Baroness Anna Catharine de Reede d'Oudtshoorn, relict of James' Dunbar, Esq., formerly of H.M.'s Twenty- First Light Dragoons, and -youngest son of the late Sir Geotge Dunbar, Bait., of Mochrinn. On the 9th, at Dawlish, Eleanor, Beatrice, infant daughter of Rear-Admiral Thomas Henderson, .

On the 5th, at Islington, John Whitehead, Esq., many years her Majesty's Con- sul at Archangel.