10 NOVEMBER 1860, Page 9


6th Nave mher, 1860.

Stu—On reading your article of last Saturday, on " The Decay of Archi- teettrral Sculpture, an idea occurred to Ine, so simple that I can hardly suppose that it has not been suggested before, and rejected as-valueless. If mot, I would submit it to your readers with your permission. Why should not paint be-used to proierve stone froiat:the dentructive.effects of .the Lon- don atmosphere ? " Goth;" I have nolloubt:I shall:be called by architects of either school. And certainly, there is no.comparison between the appear- ance of a phinted snrface mid-the-honest face of genuine stone. But sinnO• thing of appearance mat be sacrificed suppose, even by the remedies already tried), when it is a onestion of preserving the actual existence of the stone itself. The more elaborate stonework, when it decays, will be reneW- ableimily at immense mat : paiM coahe renewed at once, when_necess,yy ; and the form at least of the stone preserved Perfect. Similarly, I would save the beautiful, but perishing, fresthes-otthe in- terior with varnish. -

I am, Sir, your obedient servant, and constant reader,