10 NOVEMBER 1939, Page 3

A German Reform Plan

No propaganda promoted by the Allies m Germany can be so effective as propaganda by Germans who have a following in their own country. The " German National Council," now being formed by leaders of the German Opposition abroad, including Dr. Otto Strasser, creator of the " Black Front," and Dr. Rauschning, former President of the Danzig Senate, has, according to the Zurich corre- spondent of the Sunday Times, drawn up a programme which well deserves attention. It is opposed to Hitler and the whole Hitler policy. It demands German withdrawal from Poland and Czecho-Slovakia, a plebiscite for Austria and the Sudetenland under League auspices, mutual disarmament, and collaboration with the League. Within Germany it proposes the restoration of democratic rights, a splitting up of Prussia, and a federation of the new component parts and the historic provinces of Germany It would solve the colonial question by means of a " European Colonial Com- pany," in which all European countries would participate. It will be seen that the programme includes measures, some of which a free Germany could adopt on her own initiative alone, whilst other clauses presuppose concerted world action. It now awaits the approval of the British and French Governments.