10 SEPTEMBER 1859, Page 1

The news from Paris is less clear and certain. While

the Emperor Napoleon is invited to a consultation with the Austrian Emperor, the semi-official press of Paris still is engaged in cor- recting misstatements of the Belgian journals, the correction being remarkable as attesting the desire of the French Govern- ment to stand right with England. The most recent incidents have corroborated our conclusion that the convention at Villa- franca proves to be impracticable in the working, for the simple reason that it included propositions which lie beyond the powers of the two Emperors. The Austrian Government, however, or its dependents, persevere with endeavours to create beliefs incon- sistent with each other. For instance, the organ of a party which sympathizes with Austria in London is labouring to make it appear that their recent proceedings in Central Italy result from the ambition of the Emperor Napoleon and King Victor Em- manuel; and that therefore the European Powers generally should recognize the independence of the Duchies, but should. keep them separate from any other Government. This repre- sentation is scarcely calculated to arouse any popular desire for a return of the clients represented by our contemporary, whose policy would effectually prevent any consolidation of Italy. But this London story is quite inconsistent with the Belgian tale, which is that the French have agreed with the Austrian Emperor at Villafranca to some policy hostile to England ; the object of this tale evidently being to sow mischief between the Govern- ments of Paris and London. The contradiction of the Constitu- tionnel was scarcely needed.