10 SEPTEMBER 1859, Page 10

A large meeting of the workmen on strike was held

yesterday in the Surrey Music Hall. The speakers were Mr. Noble, Mr. George Potter, Mr. Facey, and others. They were very enthusiastic and courageous, judging from their language, and resolutely bent against "the docu- ment." Mr. Noble was able to inform them that at Mr. Belk's that morning the document had been presented for signature, and he was happy to say that the result had been that all the workmen had turned out to a man. The same course had been taken at the Messrs. Trollope's, fnd with the same result. He counselled the operatives to go on as they had commenced and the nine hours would soon be theirs. (Loud cheers.) Mr. Potter gave the same counsel. Mr. Facey uttered this wise speech— As sure as he stood upon that platform the masters would be defeated, and the consequence would be the total annihilation of their capital, whereas the working men had no capital to lose.