10 SEPTEMBER 1859, Page 10


The inconveniences arising from the use of candles in open candle- sticks are too well known. Many attempts to remedy the evil have been made ; by introducing glass and other shades, so as to prevent the grease from falling on carpets or dresses, and lessening the risk of fire, but still allowing the candle to gutter, and run down the side, to the disfigure- ment of the glass. Messrs. Brecknell, Turner, and Co., of the Haymarket, say that in their "registered glass shades" they have completely over- come the evil. The form of these shades differs from that generally in use, in being taller, and also in being curved inwards over the candle at the top, and similarly curved in at the bottom. The shades are so made as to fit into a band, rising up from the middle of the candlestick, and in the midst of that band is the socket for the candle. The candlestick with its lamp presents a neat and tasteful appearance. It is provided with a long extinguisher to reach the candle at the bottom of the shade.