10 SEPTEMBER 1859, Page 10



An advance in the value of the new Indian Loan has taken place of fully 11 per cent upon last week, the public being steady purchasers as much for bona fide investment as for speculation. The Stock is a very favourable one, and nearly one half of the Loan has been already paid up ; the Scrip is quoted 1001 1001, and the paid up 1001 1001. There has been altogether a good business passing in this Stock, Consols but for the settling of Wednes- day occupying little attention : the opening_price of Monday was 95f 951; there was at one time an advance to 951 951, but these figures were not supported, and the Market drooped to the original price. Today, owing to the article in today's ifonitenr, additional heaviness has been shown, and Consols are last quoted 951 95f. Money has been in increased demand, but there is no lack of supply at about 2 per cent. Bank Stock shut, Reduced shut, New Three per Cents, 951 951 ; Consols for Money, 951 95f. No al- teration was yesterday made by the Rank Directors in the rate of discount There has only been a moderate business doing in the Foreign Market this week, prices have been good without any very material alteration. Mexican Stock has improved about half per cent. Peruvian has declined again, the purchases for the sinking fund having been concluded much sooner than was expected. Money continues very abundant, in fact the difficulty ex- perienced by the jobbers is in obtaining Stock, many descriptions being very scarce. Buenos Ayres, 75 77 ; Ditto Three per Cents, 19 19k; Chinon, Six per Cents, 103 105; Ditto Four-and-a-Half per Cents, 87 89; Ditto Three per Cents, 71 73; Grenada Active, 17 18; Ditto Deferred, 6 51; Mexican, 201 21; Peruvian Four-and-a-Half per Cents, 901 91f ex div ; Ditto Three Per Cents, 71f 721; Ditto Uribarren, 80 82; Ditto Dollar Bonds, 78 80; Austrian 5 dis par ; Russian Five per Cents, 108 110; scarcely anything has been doing in the New Russian Loan which is now quoted, hs prem. ; 'Victor Emmanuel, 91 93; Spanish Three per Cents, 46 46f ; Portuguese, 46 461 ; Venezuela Three per Cents, 271 28. In Railway Shares business has been very trilling. Quotations are nearly all lower, owing to sales supposed to be for re-investment in the Indian Loan. Monday and Tuesday next are fixed for the next settlement. Berwick leaves off 88f 881; Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincoln, 351 36k; Blackwell, 641 81; Midland, 103f 104; Great Northern, 101 102 ; London and North- Western, 93f 94; London and South-Western, 91/ 921 ; Lancashire and Yorkshire, 971 971; Great Western, 69f 581; Caledonian, 86 86k; North Stafford, 41)41, discount. The Indian Share Market is firm, but with no rise in prices ; public atten- tion being so much taken up with the new Loan. East Indian, 100 101; Great Indian Peninsula, 98 99 ; Madras, 9395. The French Railway Market, after being steady during the week, has shown a tendency to give way, in consequence chiefly, it is asserted, of the unsettled state of Italian affairs. Northern of France, 351 37; Paris and Lyons, 341 36; Paris and Strasbourg, 25 26 ; Lombardo-Venetian, 24 21; and the New, l 2. Quotations are a degree firmer at the close.