10 SEPTEMBER 1859, Page 10

We have received some interesting statements from an intelligent and

well-informed resident in Germany to take an accurate and impartial view of passing events. Austria, he writes, has estranged herself from the people of the North of Germany on account of her religious policy, and they were not sorry to see her pride humbled even by a Napoleon ; "but should there arise at any time a question of German nationality, you may rest assured that they will unite with all their strength to put him down. England is making fast allies of the people of Northern Germany, and if she were menaced by France would find the Germans ready to take up her cause. This is often talked of and considered not at all improbable. The good sense of Napoleon can only save him from making the mistake of having Germany and England against him at the same time."

We hear from Hamburg that capital is so plentiful that it can command no more than 1 or 14 per cent per annum. Capitalists prefer keeping it idle rather than run any risk for so small a gain.