10 SEPTEMBER 1859, Page 2


The most novel incident in the current history of the strike in the building trades is the announcement of the master builders that they will on Monday open their shops to all who will sign the document What response they will receive remains to be seen. Hitherto, the non-society men seem to be as much hostile to the "document" as the society men. The anti-strike conference has made some, but not much progress. The meetings of that body have been swamped by the nine hours' men, and the workmen who have put down their names have been watched and marked. Subscriptions for the relief of non-society men have been received from many quarters, but we hear of no dividend. At a meeting of builders' foremen in St. James's Hall a resolution was proposed and carried suggesting a compromise on the basis of a reciprocal withdrawal—by the men, of the nine hours' movement, by the employers, of their document.

Mr. Potter, Mr. Grey, Mr. Cramer, and Mr. Facey, the leading men and orators of the society, have been journeying through the country to rouse up the workmen in our great towns and draw from them contri- butions. They have visited Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow' and other places with more or less success. The number relieved last week was 7846, among whom 12451. 91. was divided.

The Society Committee has received a letter from a M. Descamps a preacher of the " solidarity " of the human race, who writes on behalf of a number of French and other foreign artisans in London, stating they have determined to aid their English brethren in this struggle, and enclosing an address., which they have issued to the Belgian, German, French, Italian, Swiss Polish, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Scandinavian, and other foreign workmen appealing to them for subscriptions.

The Anti-strike Committee have issued a document, m which it is stated that since the strike has commenced the " outa " have received, in four successive weeks, the following sums :—First week, Os. Od. ; second week, Is. ld., with 2d. stoppage for delegates ; third week, Os. Od. ; fourth week, 3s. 7d., minus stoppages. On the other side, the workmen have pointed out to them full work and full wages.