10 SEPTEMBER 1921, Page 16


[To sue EDITOR or THE " SPECTATOR."] SIR,—The Spectator, conducted in the public school spirit, will rejoice in the following. According to the Press, all ranks in the Army are being asked for suggestions for economy in Army administration. I read in the Daily Chronicle of Saturday, August 20th, the Order issued by Lord Cavan in which sugges- tions were invited from "all ranks from the lowest to the highest." The old rule that communications with general officers must pass through the commanding officer of a unit has been allowed for this purpose and during a stated period (up to October 15th) to lapse. You may remember that you published a letter from me (Spectator, January 6th, 1917) advo- cating that a " Suggestions Box " should be established in the Army, such as exists in many industrial firms. A private

soldier may well get "windy" at the idea of making private suggestions or complaints through the old channels, but a method of making suggestions for which the soldier actually gets credit if his particular suggestion is adopted is another matter altogether.. Both the spirit and the method are new, thanks to Lord Cavan, and I am sure you will be interested in them, particularly as you published my letter more than

four years ago.—I am, Sir, &c., PRIVATE, R.A.M.C. [We hope the plan will be a success, especially as we expressed our doubt four years ago.—ED. Spectator.]