10 SEPTEMBER 1921, Page 16


[To THE EDITOR or THE " SPECTATOR."] SIR,—My knowledge of the book called The Jewish Peril is practically limited to the reading of a few reviews of it in Periodical publications, but I may say that it is a great mistake to drag in the name of the Frenchman Maurice Joly as an enemy of the Jewish people. He had certainly no love for Napoleon III. and the Bonapartist party in France, but otherwise a more tolerant man never lived. Maurice Joly was a very intimate friend of my father, the late Victor de Ternant, who often told me that the " Montesquieu-Machia- velli " book was revised and largely rewritten for publication by Jules Janin, of the Journal des Debats, and was issued at the expense of a wealthy German-Jewish banker in Switzer- land. There was also a question of an English translation by Blanchard Jerrold (who made some progress with his work) for the now extinct firm of David Bogue, but the project was subsequently abandoned.—I am, Sir, &o., ANDREW DE TERNANT.

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