10 SEPTEMBER 1921, Page 2

We are left in no doubt- about the spirit in

which the Sinn Feiners are behaving towards Belfast, thanks-to a speech made by Mr. O'Duffy, the Shin Fein "liaison officer for Ulster." This speech was made last week and was suppressed, we are told, in all the Nationalist papers in Ireland. Speaking at Armagh, Mr. O'Duffy said :— "These people (Ulster) will soon have an opportunity of declaring whether they are for Ireland or the British Empire. If they decide against Ireland, we will have to take suitable action. We will have to put on the screw of the boycott, and we will tighten that screw, and if necessary we will have to use the lead against them."

In an official statement Mr. O'Duffy had already admitted that he had " placed sentries at vantage points " in Belfast who had " made their presence felt," and that " on Thursday he ordered his troope to cease fire." Thus we have an admission both of what Sinn Fein has done in the Belfast riots and of what Slim Fein proposes to do to North-East Ireland if the present methods are not effectual. It is a dreadful declaration. No-

where but in Ireland could there be such leadership—Mr. De Valera, assuring the Ulster loyalists that they have nothing to fear, and Mr. O'Duffy saying that the Irish Republican Army has made up its mind, if necessary, to shoot 'Ulstermen into

compliance. It is the old and perfect doctrine of the fanatic- Soie mon fHre ou je to