11 APRIL 1931, Page 1

India After the All-India Congress at Karachi, Mr. Gandhi explained

to a correspondent of the Statesman that the resolutions allowed the Congress delegates to the Round Table a certain latitude. He went on to say, however, that for him the " equality of partnership " which the Congress demanded did not mean such a status as Australia ,had within, the Empire. He wanted a " kind of semi-contractual alliance " covering other things than war. He was indeed " open to conviction " that. Dominion _'status would be suitable to India, but frankly he could snot conceive of its possibility. As for safe- guards, he said that he did not believe that any army was necessary in India. He admitted that the Working Committee disagreed with him and he 'was therefore prepared to accept an army for some time, subject to Control by the Indian Government. " If British officers will not serve under that control we shall have to do without them."

* * * *