11 APRIL 1931, Page 16

A GREEN THOUGHT ANNIVERSARY That fresh and original quarterly, The

Countryman, still on

its fourth birthday " trails clouds of glory." Indeed, there is no sign that its " green thoughts " are at all likely to fade into common day. Its only bias is " the rural bias," and if the nation does not trundle in that direction it will go some way to warrant M. Herriot's genial prophecy that : " We are

watching the deth throes of Great Britain" due to her neglect of the land. Happily the bias has begun to work, quite obviously. Among the signs to be extracted from the latest issue of The Countryman (Idbury, Kingham, 2s. 6d.), is an account of the growth of intellectual and indeed technical activity in the villages of Oxfordshire and Bedfordshire, for example. Meetings of the Workers' Educational Union attract larger audiences and evoke more debate. The only real foundation for a prosperous countryside is an intelligent peasantry well enough housed and paid to be able to think.

* * * *