11 APRIL 1931, Page 36

General Knowledge Questions

Oun weekly prize of one guinea for the best thirteen Questions submitted is awarded this week to Mrs. P. Williams, Sand- field, Wellington, Somerset, for the following :—

Questions on Venery, i.e., the Sports of,the Chase

1. What is the origin of the word " tally-ho " ? • 2. What is the correct term for the tail of the following ? (a) deer, (b) otter, (c) fox-hound, (d) hare, (e) fox.

3. What are the different terms used to denote the track through

a fence of : (a) fox, (b) deer, (c) hare ? -

4. What is an otter's " chain" ?

5. What beast of venery indulges in spring-cleaning ?

6. What are the " rights " ot'a stag ? 7. What are the male and female terms for the following ?

(a) Red deer, (b) fallow deer, (c) hare, (d) fox, (e) badger, (f) otter.

8. What is (1) an eyass, (2) a tiercel ? 9. (a) What hounds other than fox, stag, otter, harriers, beagle and basset hounds were there until recently in the United Kingdom (hunting as a pack) ? and (b) where ?

10. Why were the above a misnomer ?

11. How can you recognize whether damage in a field of turnips in the work of a stag or a hind ?

12. What was a hart-royal ?

13. What is the correct term for a number of (a) pheasants,

(b) geese, (c) snipe, (d) partridges, (e) grouse, (f) duck, (0-teal ?

Answers will be found on page 606.