11 APRIL 1931, Page 40

Answers to questions on Venery, i.e., the Sports of the

Chase 1. Derived from the Arabic " ta'al hona "—" come here," and brought tack to England by the Crusaders.=,---2. (a) 'Single, (b) rudder, (c) stem, (d) scut, (e) brusb.--3. (a) --Creep, (b) rack, (c) meuse.-4. The line of -bubbles denoting the presence under. water of a hunted otter.-5. A badger, which brings out all its bedding to air in the spring.-6. Brow, bay, and tray points on the antlers.-7. (a) Stag and hind, (b) buck and doe, (c) buck and doe, or Jack and Jill, (d) dog and vixen, (e) boar and sow, (f) dog and bitch.-8. (a) A young hawk taken from the nest, (b) the male peregrine.-9. (a) Weasel-hounds, (b) in Ireland (County Cork).-10. Because there are no weasels in Ireland, only stoats.----r-11. A stag takes one. bite from a root, and throws the rest over his shoulder ; a hind scoops like a sheep.-12. A hart which had been hunted by the king or queen, and had escaped. —13. (a) Nide,`(b) gaggle, (c) wisp, (d) covey,"(e) pack, U) flight,

(g) bevy.