11 DECEMBER 1880, Page 1

Mr. Justice Fitzgerald, in the charge delivered on the opening

of the winter assizes for the province of Munster, on Tuesday, kept clear of partiality, but made some forcible re- marks on the cases for trial. In Clare county there were 43 charges of having written threatening letters, menacing their recipients with death ; 3 of firing into private dwelling- houses by parties disguised and armed ; 2 of maiming cattle ; 8 of arson ; and 3 of taking and keeping forcible possession. In Limerick county there were 57 cases of threatening letters, in which life. was threatened, either directly or by implication, if something were not done which the writer dictated ; further, there were 16 cases of arson, 9 of maiming cattle, 9 of malicious injury to property, and 7 of taking forcible possession of farms or dwelling-houses at night. In the East Riding of Cork, there are 51 cases of threatening letters, 22 cases of arson, 3 of maiming cattle, 7 of forcible possession, and 1 of an assault on bailiffs. In Kerry, there were 101 cases of threatening letters, of which 6 threatened death ; 23 cases of arson, 4 of maim- ing cattle, malicious injuries to property without number, and 6 forcible seizures of houses. In a great part of Munster, said Judge Fitzgerald, true liberty had ceased to exist; "life is not secure ; right is disregarded ; the process of the law cannot be enforced; and dishonesty and lawlessness disgrace the land."