11 DECEMBER 1880, Page 1

Mr. Parnell made two speeches at Waterford on Sunday, in

which he declared his intention of obtaining the soil of Ireland for the people of Ireland, and this without any breach of the Constitution,—at least, so long as "it suited" the leaders of the people to keep within the bounds of the Constitution. This was, we suppose, a hint that it might suit the leaders of the people to transgress the limits of the Constitution ; but whether in order to show that this would not be needful, or to show that, if need- ful, any breach of the Constitution deliberately made would be a formidable one, Mr. Parnell computed the force of those identified with the present land-laws and of those opposed to those laws as amounting respectively to about half-a-million on the one side, and five millions on the other. His object was, he said, to remove the poor Irishmen from the barren soil which they are trying to cultivate on the west coast, to the rich grazing lands of such counties as Meath ; and this he hoped to effect by prohibiting the letting-out of these lands for grazing purposes. If the landlords of Ireland did not accept such com- pensation as the Land League were at present willing to offer them, they would soon have to go without any compensation whatever.