11 DECEMBER 1880, Page 1

NEWS OF THE WEEK • T HE European Fleet received the

order to leave Cattaro and disperse on Saturday, its immediate duty having been per- formed. It is demi-officially stated, however, that it has not been broken up. Admiral Sir Beauchamp Seymour remains in command, and as soon as the Powers have discovered that Turkey will not yield, and have decided on the needful measure .of coercion, an order from the Admiral will suffice to recall the ships to the rendezvous arranged. The effect of this arrange- ment is that the Concert of Europe is so far maintained that action in common is still contemplated, and its instrument kept ready at hand. That is not sufficient, of course, to enfranchise Epirus and Thessaly ; but it is a step towards the end, and, if the Sultan issues any rash order, may prove a very important one. The Powers are assumed by Tories to be divided into two groups, but events might easily happen which would reunite them, and then they could act at twelve hours' notice. The negotiations must occupy some time, while Greece finishes her preparations, and it would have been useless to keep a fleet riding at anchor on the coast of the Adriatic, where it could accomplish nothing. The next " demonstration " must be more visible from Constantinople.