11 DECEMBER 1880, Page 14



Sia,—Dissatisfaction has been lately shown in England at the brevity of time which elapses between arrivals and departures by the Indian weekly mail, and a desire expressed that the incoming should be delivered earlier in the week than on Thursdays. It seems to me, however, that attention should be directed to another remedy. The port of Alexandria, not- withstanding the mighty sums squandered, does not allow of entrance by night. I saw the light one Wednesday evening in February last, but we were not boarded by a pilot till near sunrise. If, however, the London mails were made up on Saturday morning, only a slight acceleration would be required for the steamer to reach port at noon, say five hours later than now ; and this delay could be more than saved, if the whole railway journey were done at the speed which is maintained between Paris and Turin. This change, without doing detriment to Londoners, would greatly benefit the North ; and further, it would bring to residents in the East the London morning papers of Saturday, including the Spectator, which has for them a special interest and value. If new arrangements could provide additional passenger accommodation, the train's popularity would be enhanced, by reason of its crossing the Alps in daylight. At present, night has fallen before one reaches the Lac de Bourget.—I am, Sir, dr,c.,