11 DECEMBER 1880, Page 23

MAGAZINES, ANNUALS, ETc.—We have received the following for December, and

the coming Christmas season :—The Magazine of Art, the frontispiece in which, "A Charge of Witchcraft," is a good specimen of the highest style of wood-ongraving.—No. 1 of London Opinion (Dean and Son).—The Late Magazine.—Bolgravia, in which Mr. Payn's story is brought to a conclusion—The Gentle- man's Magazine.—The Nautical Magazine.—Cassell's Magazine.— Part 1 of Old and New Edinburgh.—Part 68 of Mr. Morley's Library of English Literature.—Part 18 of the illustrated edition of Long- fellow's Poetical Works.—Part 1 of a serial illustrated book on Cookerle —Part 1 of the Popular Educator.—Science Gossip.—Tinsley's Maga- zine, in which Mr. Buxton and Mr. Dowling commence two new tales. —The Ladies' Gazette of Fashion.—Aunt Judy's Magazine.—Good Words, containing the concluding chapters of a number of interesting tales and essays.—All the Year Round, and its Christmas number, Over the Sea with the Sailor, the contents of the latter being supplied by Messrs. Bosant and Rice.—London Society.—Time.—The Argosy,- in which "The Mysteries of Heron Dyke" is brought to • conelasion.—The Theatre.—Temple Bar.—No. 2 of Ward and Lock's Universal Instructor.—The Army and Navy Magas ins.— The Squire.—The Statesman.—The Congregationalist.—Chambers's Journal, containing interesting articles on the extended use of vege- table diet and English pay-hospitals.—The Month.—The American Art Review, completing the first volume. — The Penn Monthly. —Harper's Monthly, the European edition, which in printing and get- up sets an example to its contemporaries.--Scribner's Monthly, a capitally illustrated number. —The North-American Review.—The Atlantic Monthly.—The Belgravia Annual.—Iiigh-water Mark, by Richard Dowling (Tinsley Brothers).—The Gentleman's Annual, the contents of which aro supplied by Mrs. Alfred Hunt, D. C. Murray, and Henrietta A. Duff.—Warne's Illustrated International Annual.— Cassell's Illustrated Almanac.—Glad Time, a capitally got-up annual, and one likely to find favour with little folks.—The Fortunate Island (Ward, Lock, and Co.), amusingly written and drolly illustrated.— Mr. Clement Scott's theatrical annual, which is this year entitled, The Green-Roont.—Hood's Comic Annual.—The Christmas numbers of the Illustrated London News and the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, the coloured illustrations in both of which are good. and appropriate to the season.