11 DECEMBER 1880, Page 23

Messra. Ward, Look, and Co. have published a new edition

of the well-known Crwlen's Concordance, a work which has been liberally used by subsequent compilers, but never superseded. This, indeed, in the very nature of things, it could not be. Every reference is given, and given, on the whole, in as convenient a way as possible. The definitions, often tinged as they are by Cruden's peculiar theology, which had a strong Calvinistic bias, might doubtless be improved, but the plan of leaving them as they are is at least defen- sible. The present edition contains a memoir of Craden, which seems to us the same as that which we have been accustomed to see pre- fixed to the Concordance. It is furnished throughout with a series of pLstes, which illustrate Scriptural persons, places, and things ; and it contains a useful appendix, extending to upwards of a hundred triple- column pages, under the title of "An Introduction to the Study of the Holy Bible."