11 DECEMBER 1880, Page 23

Strictly Tied Up. 3 vols. (Hurst and Blackett.)—The entangle- ment

of the plot is not a very complicated one. Mrs. Fertile, on her marriage, has her property very "strictly tied up," that is, in the usual way, to her and to the children that she might have. Bat, thanks to the long-winded prosiness of one trustee, the shyness of another, and the offence taken by a third, she never understands what the meaning of her settlement really is, imagining that the property is "tied up" to the issue of her first marriage ; whereas, having come entirely from her side, there is, of course, no limitation of the kind. Hence, much trouble to her, and much greater trouble to her daughter. The story is not a pleasant one, and though it is written with some cleverness, there is not enough to redeem tin indifferent subject.