11 DECEMBER 1880, Page 3

The telegrams received in London as to the health of

the Viceroy of India are by no means satisfactory. It was at first reported that Lord Ripon had been seized, at Ponnah, with a slight attack of fever; but he recovered from this, and on December 5th started for Calcutta. On his arrival at Allaha- bad, however, he was again taken ill, the attack, according to Renter, being sunstroke, and on December 9th it was reported that although the feverish symptoms were abating, he was un- able to move without aesistance. As it is cold weather both at Poonah and Allababad,allthis suggests thatii.ord Ripon has one of the constitutions predisposed, after any fatigue or exposure, to regular Indian "fever," or even to heat-apoplexy. No precaution will keep such a constitution in health in such a climate, and if that is the ease, there is nothing for it but to return. It is just possible that Lord Ripon may be passing through an attack of "acclimatising fever," often suffered by men of his ago from the change of climate, but we doubt it. In India, as in Europe. doctors are unwilling to exaggerate the illnesses of Kings.