11 FEBRUARY 1882, Page 15


(To THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR.") your article on "The Channel Tunnel," you make the following statement :—" It was Pitt who ordered and Nelson who carried out the bombardment of Copenhagen, in a time of ,peace, solely to avert the surrender of the Danish Fleet to Napo- lleon." Allow me to point out that the "bombardment of 'Copenhagen" took place in 1807, when both Pitt and Nelson were dead. The attack under Nelson in 1801 did not involve -the bombardment of the city, and as it took place on April 2nd, and the resignation of Pitt was announced on February 10th, it can scarcely be said to have been " ordered " by him.—I am, .Sir, &c., [Our correspondent is correct. We thought the great battle' in the Roads off Copenhagen had been accompanied by a bombardment.—En. Spectator.]