11 FEBRUARY 1882, Page 25

A Discourse on Scottish Church History, from the Reformation to

the Present Time. By Charles Wordsworth, D.C.L., Bishop of St. Andrew's. (Blackwood.)—The greater part of this volume is occu- pied with a critique on certain lectures, which had regarded Scottish Church history from the Presbyterian point of view. Bishop Words- worth seems to make some points against his adversaries. Whether he does so or not, he is a fair and courteous controversialist. His own discourse is a candid statement of the case of the Episcopal Church of Scotland. He pleads for it against the wrong which it has suffered, but he does not conceal its faults, especially that capital mistake which put it of necessity under the ban of the ruling powers for a century or more, its obstinate Jacobitism, con tinned after the Jacobite cause was long since dead.