11 FEBRUARY 1882, Page 26


Auld Acquaintance: a Birthday Book, 16mo (Nimmo 3/0

Ayre (A.), A German Grammar, or Svo (Stewart 2/6 Bird (H. E.), Chess Practice, Svo (S. Low & Co. 2/6 Birthday Book of Proverbs, 16mo (Nimmo 3)0 Bryce ( Prof.), Manitoba, or 8v0 (S. Low & Co. 7/6 Burn (R. S.), Outlines of Modern Farming, 1 vol. 12mo (Lockwood 12/0 Catlin, Shot your Month, or 8vo (Trilbner 2/6

Council of Canterbury (The), by Author of "Dame Europa" (Simpkiu 2/0 Cupid Birthday Book, 16mo (Nimmo 3/0

Douglas (G. C. if.), The Book of Joshua, cr 8vo Clark 1/6 Emden (A.), The Law Relating to Building Leases, cr 8vo (Stevens & Haynes) 20/0 Encyclopedia Britannica, Part 51, 4to (A. & 0. Black) 7/6 English Work and Song. By an Faigliehman, cr 8vo (8. Low & Co.) 8/6

Ensor (F. 8.), The Queen's Speeches in Parliament, Cr 8vo (W. H. Allen) 7/6

Ferrier (S. E.), Destiny, 2 vole, or 8vo (Bentley) 7/0 Goodwin (W. V. School Greek Grammar, cr 8vo (Macmillan) 8/6

Guizors France, Vol. 4, roy 8vo (S. Low & Co.) 10/6

Hardy (T.), Far from the Madding Crowd, cr 8vo .—.— ...... (S. Low & Co.) 6/0 Hayward (W. S.), Diana's Defenders, 12mo . (Maxwell) 2/6 Heathman (J. H.), Preservation of Life and Property from Fire (Simpkio) 2/8 Hobbes (T.), Leviathan, small edition, cr 8vo (Thornton) 8/6 Hold Fast by Your Sundays, or 8vo (Home Words Office) 2/6

Holmes (F. If.), History of the Irish Land League, Cr eve (Langley) 1/0

Hoppa (J. D., River-side Studies, 2 vols. cr 8vo (S. Low & Co. 12/0 Horace, Odes, Book III., by T. E. Page, 18mo (Macmillan 1/6 Household Birthday Book (The), 16mo (Nimmo 3/0 Irving (W.), by C. D. Warner, or Svo (S. Low & Co. 2,6 Julamerk. by Author of " Naomi," 12mo Ward & Lock 3/6 Maxwell (W. E.), Manual of Malay Language, or 8vo (TrObuer) 7/6 Meyer (H. F. L.), Complete Guide to the Game of Chess...(Griffith & Ferran) 7/6

My Count's, and her Cause, by an Irish Mechanic, 8vo (M. Ward) 110 New French-English and English French Dictionary, 16mo...(Ward & Look) 3 6

Pa'mer (E.), Temptation of Job, and other Poems, 12mo (Philip & Son) 2 6 Prior (W. D.), Hardy Shrubs, 12mo (Routledge) 2(0 Redhouse (J. W.), Turkish Vade-mecum,32ino (Triibuer) 60 Reynolds (M.), Locomotive Engine-driving, new edition, or Else ...(Lockwood) 4/6

Sharp (P.), Flax, Tow, end Jute Spinner, cr 8vo (Simpkin) 5/0 Spanton (J.), Preparation for Science Teaching, 12mo .. (Griffith & Farran) 1/6 Stanford's London Atlas, 4to al. Stanford 30/0 Steele (F. A.), Kindergarten Handbook, or 8vo (Stewart 1/6

Steele (J.), Hay and Straw Measurer, 12mo (Lockwood 2/0 Stoker (E.), Text-book of Analysis, or Svo (Stewart)1/6 Stoker (G. NJ, Easy Lessons in Chemistry, or Bye (Stewart) 1/6 Trench (R. C.), Notes on the Parables, new edition, 8vo (Macmillan) 12/0 Voltaire, History of Louis XIV., Part 3, 12mo (Cambridge Warehouse) 2/6 Wingfield (F.), Gehenna, 3 vols. (Hurst & Blackett) 31'6