11 FEBRUARY 1882, Page 3

The other proposals are less important. The motions for adjourning

the House, in order to raise a new ques- tion suddenly, are to be forbidden ; the motions for ad- journing a debate are to be discussed solely on the question of adjournment; the Speaker may require Members who chal- lenge his decision before a division (namely, that the " Ayes " or " Noes " have it) to rise in their places, and if they do not -exceed twenty, he may forthwith declare the decision of the House. Any Member may be told that he is speaking irrelev- antly or repeating himself tediously, and may be ordered to discontinue his speech ; recalcitrant Members, if suspended by the House, shall be suspended for a week on the first offence, a month on the second, and for the whole of the Session on the third ; debates which are now permissible on all the seven stages of a Bill, are to be no longer permissible .on all of them ; and finally, two Standing Committees of between 60 and 80 Members, one on the subject of legal and judicial business, and the other on the subject of trade, are to be organised; and the passing of a Judicial or Trade Bill ;through these Committees, is to be equivalent to its passing -through a Committee of the whole House, unless the House shall otherwise order.