11 FEBRUARY 1882, Page 3

The proposals of the Government as to the change in

the procedure of the House of Commons were published on Wed- nesday. The most important concerns the closure of debate by an absolute majority, whenever the Speaker or Chairman of Committees believes it to be "the evident sense of the House or the Committee that the question be now put." If he believes this, he may so inform the House ; and on a motion being made

that the question be now put," the Speaker or Chairman may put it; and if it be carried in the affirmative, the question under discussion shall be put forthwith. But this rule shall only apply where either the majority number more than 200, or else the minority number less than forty. We have commented on the initiative here given to the Speaker, and on the limit, which is -too low, for the minority that can always be overruled by a vote closing the debate, elsewhere. Otherwise, the rule is essentially good and courageous.