11 JULY 1931, Page 15

in getting a truck of Coalite sent from the works

to a station The Doukhobors have done it, and indeed are doing it now near Shepton Mallet, Somerset. The result proved so antis- with clumsier tools and methods than we could command. factory that we repeated the order last October, the price The principal bane of modern emigration is the thrusting being 32s. a ton at the works, to which had to be added upon the labour market of eager workers in search of employ- ' 15s. 10d. a ton for freight for the long diagonal transport. We ment, often obliged by their urgent need to accept wages below are hoping that it may be possible to obtain the next consign- those for which older workers have long been contending, ment from the South Metropolitan Gas Co.'s installation at whereas Mr. Leakey's scheme steers clear of this danger by Greenwich, at considerably less cost for freight. locating his new-comers out of reach of places already settled

(1) It gives at least as much heat as an equal bulk of coal, and for home country by aeroplane. the same time, although the coal weighs more than one and a half The author begins by recommending the establishment, by

(2) Even if 58. a ton is allowed for cartage from the station, the

this, at the same distance from the pit ?

producing the stuffy atmosphere associated with coke, to produce. _ (6) There is freedom from the smoke and dust which often