11 JULY 1931, Page 15

Letters to the Editor

[In view of the length of many of the letters which we receive, we would remind correspondents that we often cannot give space for long letters and that short ones are generally read with more attention. The length which we consider most suitable is about that of one of our paragraphs on " News of the Week."—Ed. SPECTATOR.] whereas what I said was that "in order to avoid loss on I am, Sir, &C., HENRY C. TROLLOPE. the process the resulting semi-coke would have to fetch 42 Ashley Gardens, S.W.-1: a good house coal to any semi-coke that I have yet tried. OLD .STYLE EMIGRATION

Moreover, let me assure him that I am fully aware of • and the nation generally the importance of its being taken strong case for sending out from England to vacant spots in