11 JULY 1931, Page 16


- [To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] -

Sin,—Your correspondent the Rev. A. H. T. Clarke asks the most momentous question that men can put. "How is right to overcome wrong ? " He well defines right as including liberty, justice, truth, and peace, which he says "must be fought for," making it quite clear that he is using no metaphor.

The issue is plain. Jesus stood for right, but deliberately condemned the sword : refused to be a fighting Messiah, and by this course alienated His people and died His felon's death in consequence. His earlier followers witnessed through persecution to their Lord's, teaching of peace, until the empire captured the Church and " Peter " drew the sword again which, deaf to the Master's rebuke, he still brandishes ! Sir Arthur Keith and Mr. Clarke exhibit the fighting spirit of an "Antique Roman" rather than of a David Livingstone, who said he would do everything for