11 JULY 1931, Page 17



We are asking your help in making known the needs of the Fellowship of S. Michael and AU Angels in their work for girls of the educated classes who have gone astray, whether it is the unmarried girl about to become a mother, or the girl who has fallen deeply into the life of sin. This work was started over thirty years ago and for a long time the pecuniary responsibility involved was almost entirely borne by one generous Churchwoman to whom the work owes its origin but who has since been called to her Rest. Unfortunately the need for this work is painfully evident and seems rather to increase than to diminish, and it would be heart-breaking to have to close our doors to those who are crying for help. Such, however, is our financial position that this will be inevitable unless additional support is given. The Fellowship has three Homes : a Maternity Home, a Home for girls not eligible for the Maternity Home, but who have fallen into a life of sin, and a Nursery for babies born in the Maternity Home where the mothers even when they have gone back to work, can keep in touch with their children. These Homes are small in order to give individual care and to bring each girl under definite religious teaching, the only hope of saving them and restoring their. self-respect. The administration of the Funds is in the hands of a small Council, and all contri- butions should be sent to the Hon. Treasurer, 5 Bloomfield Terrace, London, S.W.1, and any further information about the work and the Homes can be obtained from the Hon. Secretary at the same address.—Jonw KENSINGTON, Bishop, President ; PERCY BLACKBURN, Bishop, NINA K. WOODS, BARBARA M. DENNY, Vice-Presidents ; EVELYN GOWERS, lion. Secretary.