11 JULY 1931, Page 18

"Tan Ninurrous DOLE."

The administration of the Unemployment Benefit calls for the co-operation of the private citizen. Did your correspon- dent report to the nearest Unemployment Office the facts he gives ? Had he done so the benefit would have been stopped because of the refusal of an offer of reasonable employment. Some few years ago, when I was responsible for the local administration of the Fund, a local man, a magistrate, pointed out a group of men to me, and stated that he knew for a fact that six of them had refused work and he could prove it. I asked him to give me the necessary information to enable me to take action. He merely repeated his statement, but walked off after doing so, and although I wrote officially to him, urging him to assist the Department by giving the information, he gave no sort of answer. It is not wonderful that there are abuses when even a magistrate declines to prevent them as far as in him lies.—F. J. PAPE, Cockermouth.