11 JULY 1931, Page 2

Sport Wimbledon is behind us, and we have watched its

laurels go to Germany and America with a courteous equanimity which, in a country fast turning Protec- tionist, can be interpreted either as a tribute to our sporting spirit or as evidence of the force of habit. Henley, where foreigners were equally welcome and less overpowering, provided good rowing—notably by the London Rowing Club, who won the Grand, the Thames, and the Stewards' Challenge Cups—and attracted crowds, for the elasticity of whose dimensions the meteorologists and the by-pass roads were perhaps jointly responsible. Oxford after waiting for eight years won the Universities Match, notable for the innings of Mr. Ratcliffe and the Nawab of Pataudi, each of whom, by a happy dispensa- tion of Providence, can now claim to hold a " record " : the latter for the highest score ever known in inter. University cricket (238), and the former, who made 201 on the previous day, for the most ephemeral "record." The Eton and Harrow match remains to be decided on Friday and Saturday. It is good news that the M.C.C. have decided that there shall be two more test matches against New Zealand, one on July 29 at the Oval, and one in the Provinces in August. • * * *