11 JULY 1931, Page 2

The Universities of the Empire The Prince of Wales on

Friday, July 3rd, received at the Guildhall the delegates to the Fourth Congress of the Universities of the Empire. On the same day the Govern- ment entertained them at luncheon at Dorchester House.. As the Prince justly said in an interesting speech, the seventy universities represented now form some of the strongest links that bind the Empire " together:- They have common ideals, their methods are similar, and their teachers, more often than not, have had their training and experience here. The Congress, which has reassembled this week in Edinburgh, serves a useful purpose in making the delegates better known to one another and in giving them an opportunity to discuss their varied problems. The machinery for promoting closer co-operation exists in the very valuable Univer- sities Bureau of the British Empire, directed by Sir Frank Heath, which organized the Congress.

* *