11 JULY 1931, Page 2

The Vatican It is with profound regret that we watch

the intensi- fying of the strife between the Vatican and, the Italian Government. After the good feeling that seemed to prevail when the Lateran Treaty and the new Concordat were signed to the apparent advantage of both parties, it is lamentable to see two such great men as the Holy Father and Il Duce in conflict over a subject upon which their different views can be no new surprise to them. Are the young people to be first of all devout Catholics or devoted Fascists ? The Notes that pass and other pronouncements grow stronger in denun- ciation. The Pope is not afraid of the power of Signor Mussolini or of Fascism, and, unlike his recent pre- decessors, he does not seem to wait cautiously to see whether his words will be accepted as unquestionable before he utters them. Both combatants stand to lose irreparably by not making peace, but as yet we see no signs of yielding.

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