12 APRIL 1940, Page 22

THE SPECTATOR COMPETITIONS No. 31 IF Shakespeare had lived in

the twentieth century he might have written an historical play about the reign of King George the Sixth. Prizes of book tokens for £2 2s. and LI Is. are offered for the best extract (of not more than 450 words, inclusive of stage directions) from Act II, Sc. 1, of such a play. The scene is Munich, A Council Chamber. Enter Chamberlain, Daladier, Mussolini and Hitler.

RULES.—Envelopes should be addressed to the Editor, The Spectator, 99, Gower Street, London W.C.1, and marked "Com- petition No. 31." Entries must be delivered by first post on Friday, April 19th, 1940. The Editor reserves the right to print, in part or in whole, any entry submitted, and to withhold the prize should no entry attain the requisite standard of merit. Com- petitors are permitted to submit more than one entry, but no com- petitor is eligible ior more than one prize in any given week. Envelopes should bear a Lid. stamp. No entries can be returned. Readers are invited to submit suggestions for future competitions.