13 DECEMBER 1856, Page 9

A discovery has been made at the Broadstone terminus, Dublin,

which, it is hoped, may afford a clue to the murder of air. Little. 'On Thursday, work- men were engaged in a house behind the carriage-factory. The master car- penter, Brophey, found a bag on some cross-rafters, which were over a high staircase leading to an upper floor. "The bag was saturated with water, and could not have been ten minutes in the place where it was found. The police were immediately on the spot, and an active search was at once com- menced for the remaining portion of the missing money. The bag, on being opened, was found to contain 431. 17s. 6d. in silver, and there is no doubt that it is one of those which had been taken out of 'Mr. Little's office on the night of the murder. One of the reasons assigned for the bag being wet is, that it had been taken out of a tank which stands at the foot of the staircase, and which supplies a .boiler used for generating steam to heat a portion of the factory where the railway-carriages are painted. Others as- sert that it was not out of the tank it was taken, as there was no impression on the soft sediment at the bottom of the tank when it was drained, and that it must have been taken out of some water in another place. There are no signs of water on the stairs ; and it is supposed the bag, on being taken out of the water in which it was lying, was placed in a basket and conveyed to where it was discovered."