13 DECEMBER 1856, Page 9



The summary of the Indian mail, which reached Trieste yesterday, has been forwarded by telegraph. The latest dates are Calcutta the 8th and Bombay the 17th November. The contents of the summary, though brief, are more than usually interesting.

" War was proclaimed against Persia at Calcutta on the 1st of November. The last division of the fleet left Bombay op. the 13th of November. Five thousand troops are to occupy Barrack and Bushire. The whole of India is profoundly tranquil. "Exchange at Bombay, 2s. i - money-market tighter ; import-market steady. The banks had again raised their rates of interest. Exchange at Calcutta, 2s. 24d. ; money abundant ; freights firm. Exchange at Madras, 2s. 24. to 2s. 44. ; money-market easy."