13 DECEMBER 1856, Page 9

The Metropolitan Board of Works met yesterday, and received a

re- port from Mr. D'Iffanger on street-nomenclature. It seems there are seventeen names only for 571 streets,—sixty-two George Streets, fifty- five Charles Streets, forty-five John Streets, and so on. It is proposed that henceforth there shall be no two streets of the same name, and that this shall apply to the streets already in existence ; dealing, however, at present, with only these 571 streets. It is also proposed- " That the portion of the New Road between the Edgeware Road and Park Square be called Marylebone Road ; the portion between Park Square and Tottenham Court Road be called Pancras Road ; the portion between Tottenham Court Road and King's Cross be called Pancras Road East; the portion between King's Cross and the Angel Inn at Islington be lled Pentonville Road, or by such other names as the Board may decide upon ; and that all the separate names of places at present existing therein be abolished."

A letter was read from Mr. Rowland Hill, approving of the report It was adopted, and ordered to be printed.

The public examination of the gentlemen cadets at the East India Company's Military College, Addiscombe, was held yesterday. It drew a great number of officers together. The cadet who carried off the Pollock medal, who was first in mathematics and military surveying, and second in good conduct, is John Herschel, son of the present Sir John Herschel : his father, now enfeebled by age and infirmity, was present, and naturally attracted much attention.