13 DECEMBER 1856, Page 9

The Resolute, in charge of Commander H. J. Hartstein of

the United States Navy, anchored yesterday at Spithead, amidst a storm of thun- der, lightning, and rain. The weather was so foul that communication with the shore on the part of her officers was impossible. The Mayor and Corporation of Portsmouth, however, sent a message to the ship, in- viting the officers to a banquet on Thursday next. The Resolute arrived under the American ensign and pendant; after she anchored at Spit- head, she hoisted the English white ensign alongside of the American. She has made a good passage, and arrived much sooner than was ex- pected.

The Belgique arrived at Southampton yesterday, with advices from New York to the 27th. President Pierce had completed his message— the last he will deliver—on the 26th ; so that it will be brought by the next steamer. A telegraphic message from Columbia, South Carolina, "yes a summary of the Governor's message at the opening of the State ture-

" He regards the recent election as merely establishing a truce between the North and South. He advocates the revival of the slave-trade, and thinks that every branch of labour should be in the hands of slaves. He refuses to lay before the Legislature the resolutions of the New Hampshire Legislature transmitted through the Governor of that State."

Intelligence had reached New York from Hayti, to the effect " that the empire of Soulouque was in a state of perturbation ; the designs of Spain, with the sanction of France, having caused great uneasiness to the Government. The Dominicans and Haytians bear the bitterest ani- mosity towards each other, and it is believed that neither can long main- tain their position."