13 JANUARY 1855, Page 1

The war connects the thoughts of men in all parts

of the world, and the leading point in the news from America relates to it. The Committee of the Senate on Foreign Relations is reported to have resolved on recommending President Pierce to offer the mediation of- the American Government to the belligerent parties, as the Emperor Alexander offered to mediate between England and Ame- rica in 1813—without obtaining acceptance of the offer. The too close alliance between our own Government and that of Russia has excited dislike among Englishmen, although it was partly ex- cused by the alliances of royal houses and by the usages of diplo- macy among "old world" governments. But the affection between America and Russia is regarded as unnatural : and if, for that leaning, we never could feel to our Transatlantic cousins what we have felt towards Czar-worshiping Prussia, the English public will very generally question the fitness of this opportunity as the occa- sion for America to present herself on the field of European diplo- macy; where, in some other matters, she would be welcomed.