13 JANUARY 1855, Page 15


WAR-OFFICE, Jan. 9.-7th slioyal Sir .G.

from the..77.11 Foot, Jobe Col. vice-Gen. the Right Hon. Sir E. Blakeney,

removed. to- the .let -Foot. 361h .Foot-- Lieut.-Gen. W. H. :Scott to be Col. vice Lieut.-Gen.-Lord-Frederick Fitzclarence, dec. 17th-Foot-f.ieut.zGen. G. L. Goldie. C.B. to be Col. vice Lieut.-Gen. ' Sir G. Brown, K.C.B. removed to the 7th Rayal Fusiliers. -66th Foot-Brevet Theut.sCol.-Sir W. Gordon, "Bart. to be Lieut.-Col. without purthase, vice Brevet-Co1.:3 II,Grubbe, who retiree upon fullspay; Brevet Major G. Maxwell to he Major, withoutspurchase, vice Cordon ; Lieut. J. Walker to be Capt. without purchase, ,vir,e Maxwell s Eusige:R. T.. Hughes tobe . Lieut. with- put purschase,aice. Walker.


'Brevet Col..T. H. Crubbe, on retired- lull-pay Of the 66th Foot, to be Major-Gen. in the Annsr;therank- being only honorary. . In consequence-of the death of Lieut.-Gen. Sir II-Goldfinch and the retirement Upon full-pay of Major-Geus. Calder and M. C. Dixon, a vacancy having occurred upon the effective.hst of Geueral Officers of ,theiloyal Engineers, Cel.,T,Bhusabard to be-promoted to he .Major-Gen. The following-officers of the Royal-Engineers,-who -have been permitted to retire upon full-pay, to receive a step of honorary Brevet rank, viz.-4o be Major-Generals --CoLAVAI. Slade and Col. J s C. Victor. WAR.OFFIOS, Jan. I2.-6th -Rage. of .Drag. Crtiattle-StaffSterg. -of-the-Second Class J,P. Moline-to be burg. vice Taylor, promoted on the Staff. 2d.Drags.-J. B. Dunbar, Gent. to be Cornet, without purchase, -vice :Nugent,. promoted. 9th Light . Drags.-Surg.1.-11. K. Lines, from the 56th Foot, to be burg. vice Grants.promoted on the Staff. .11th-Light .Drags.-. Cornet .C..L. King to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Dunn, who retires; .H.Y. Dimsdale, Gent. to be .Cornet, without purchase, vice. Anneely promoted ; ,E. A. Brooke,. Gent.; to be, Cornets by pow:vise-King. 17th-Light Drags.-Lieut. W. J.-P. Watson to be Capt. by purehases vice Morgan , -vvho ream s ; CornetsG.'11..L.Boynton to be Lieut, by purchase, vice Watson, promoted. Geld- - -stream.Regt..of Foot u.ards-Capt..G.R. Fitz/toy, from-the 41st Foot, to be Lieut. andsCapt-witisout purchase, lice Rmsden, killed tn.-action.; Lieut. .7. A. Caulfield, front the.17.th loot, to be Lieut. and .Capt. .by purchase, i ice Bourcbier. who retires.. let.Foot-slieuL.J. A. Chrystie to she Qapt. by purchase, vice J. A. 0.• Campbell, who retires. Tolle Lis' uts. -without purcltere-EnsigasA.4eagrim, from the 36th Foot; F. J. P. Hill, from the 36thloot; S. T. Willis, D. C. Brock, J. Creagh, .7. H. Fawcett. 4th Foot-To be Limits, without, purchase-•Ensigna F. H. Williamson, ..A.-L-EltrElair,W. Connell. To be Ensign without purehase-EnsIgn J. 1. Grin- lintonsfrom the 65th Foot, *ice Howley, promoted. To be 'Ensigns by purchase-- W.-Fetberston-liaugh, Gent.; J. C. Boyce, Gent. 7th Foot=Lieut. G. IV:.W. Carpenter to be Capt. by.purchase, vice W. R. -Browne, who retires. To be Licata, without purchase-Ensign J.-F. Male, from.the 59thEraot; Ensign N. D. Robin- son; Ensign E. J. Disney; Hou. E. Fitttlarence. 'To be 'Ensigns by pus- chase-J. K. M•Adam, Gent.; J.E.`Elives; Gent. 'ethroot--Tobe'Lleuts. without purchase- EnsigriT. 'Taylor, from the 'Royal Canadian Rifle Begt. • Ensign C: J. 'Berton ; Ensign T.'Itenant. To be Ensign by purchase-W. A. ilmhirst. Gent. Foot--Assist.sSurg. P.Divorty, 31.13.. from the.fitaff, to be Assist.-Sorg. vice Min-shall,. promoted in the .135th .Foot. 13th 'Foot- Quarterrnaster-Sergeant 'T. Hoban" to. be Ensign, without purchase. 14th Foot-Assistant-Surgeon William ...Kehuan -Chalmers, M,D., from the "18th Foot, to be Surgeon, vice Denpy, promoted on the Staff. 17th Foot-To be-Lieutenants without purchase-Eneign A. .11. 'Verstetrme, from 'the 59th "Foot; Ensign F. A. 'llacreight, 'from -the 2-d Foot. To' be Ensign by-purebase=W. LL'Parker. Gerrt. Hith Foot-To be Lieuts. withont purchase- Eusig us J. F:Bnant and W. B. 'Burke, front the 40th'Foot; En- sign T.D. Baker ; Ensign W. Kemp. To be AssisL-Surg.-Actieg Assist:Sorg. A. Semple, vice Chalmers,. promoted the-I4th Foot. 19th Foot-Ensign T.Themp- son to be Lieut. without purchase ; G. Fothes, Cent. to he Ensign, by purchase. 20th -Poot-Eieut. W. H.'81'Neill to be Capt. without purchase; Ensign W. Mitchell • to betientswithout purchase. To be ..-Eneigns by purchase-H.-W. Mason, Gent, W. Young, Gent. 21st Foot-Brevet Major J. H.• Cooke, from halfstMY Dnatt. Who Capt. repayingthe difference ;.Limit. F.'R.E.'Burnside,-from the 131st Foot, to be Capt. without purchase. To be Lieuts, without purchade-Ensigns. J. 0.1113o- nald Tulldch, from the 32d 'Foot ;..T. Bruce, IL Fowler (Adjt.),.S. -G. 13.11t. Clair, ' T. B. ifellway, T. Coakley. To be Ensigns by purchase-'t. H. Green, Gent. •, R. O'Halloran Clay, Gent. 28d Poot-Envign C: G. C. -Norton,' fromthe 62d-1,0ot:to be Limit, withoot purchase; B. T. Griffith, Gent.sta be Ensign, by purchase. 24th Foot- Capt. C. F.-Gibson, from-half-pay Unatt.-te be CapL tuella:tabor°, who ex- changes; Lieut. W. D. II. Baillie to be Capt. bypurchase.-vice Gibson, who retiree ; Ensign J. H. Arndt to be LieuL by purchase, -vice Baillie. 28th Foct-To be Lients. without purchase- Ensign E. S. R.-Smyth, from the 67th 'Foot; Ensign's). -G. Day, from the 48th -Foot; Ensign 'F. Brodigau; Ensign William Alfred "t3tuart; -Ensign Frederick A. Magenis. -To be Ensign by purchase-Alexander Lyon Emerson, 'Gent. -30th Foot-Captain T. 'Stevenson, from half-pay -Staff Corps, to be Capt. To be Lions. without purchase--Entrign C. J. H Tolcher, from the Seth Foot; Ensign (7. P. Prevost, from the 85th Foot. 93d Foot-Lieut. W. 11. Parrs-to be Capt. by purchase, vice Quayle, who retires. To be Limits. without purchase-Lieut. J. Trent, from the 81st Poet; "-Ensign C. 'W. Willis ; En- sign Arthur Edward Augustus Ellis; Ensign Hon. Raymond H. De Mont- morency. .34th Foot-Tyasen Sowley -1101royd, -Gent, to be Ensign, by-purchase. nth Foot-Lieut. E. B. Maunsell to -be Capt."-without purchase • W. H. Palmer, Gent. , to be Ensign, 'by purchase. 40th Foot-Ensign C. F. Brooke to be Lieut. without purchase, vice Hewett, appointed to the 20th Foot. 41st Foot-To be En- signs without purchase-Lieut. W. H. G. Cornwall, from the Royal North Glou- cester C. L. Furlonge, Gent. "vice Thynne, promoted in the Grenadier Guards, Tobe Ensign by purchase-8. R.13.-Smith,•Gent. 42d Foot-Lieut..J. Drysdele to be Capt. without-purehase. -44th-Foot=Lieub W. Fletcher to be Card. without purchase. 47th -Foot-Ensign Bs Croker to be Lieut. without purchase, Title Maycock, -promoted in the 14th Foot; C. V. A:Conway-Gordon, Gent. to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Croaker. 49th -FootLieut. J. T. Cook, from the Cambridgeshire Militia, to be Ensign, without; purehase, Vice Cahill, -promoted. 60th FeetLieut. H. M. Murchison' to be Capt. -without purchase; Ensign T.' L. Lee to be-Lieut. without spurthase, iiee-Bend, dec. 88th Foot -Assist:Sorg. W. Decide to be Sums vice Innes, appended to the 9th Light Drags. • 60th Foot-Capt. 'E. Parker, from'half-pay Unatt. to be Capt. (repayiog the difference) vice Brevet Major. Mackenzie, who exchanges, receiving the difference • 634.Foot - Ensign-B. A. Y. Benyon to be Lieut. without purchase, vice Morgan, 'died of higwounits; Grey. Gent. to be Ensign, without , purchase ; G.-W. Clutterbuck, -Gent. to be En- sign, without purchase. •65th Foot-Assist...Sorg. T. 'Marshall, from the Ilth Foot, to be Surg..vice Prendergast, appointed Staff-Sorg. of-the Second-Class. 71st Foot- Liest.,R. C.-W.-Stuart tobe Capt. without' perch-see. To be Ensign by purchase- A. K. 'Blair, Gent. To be :Assistant-Surgeon-Acting Assist.-Surg. Grabhatn, vice Simpson, promoted on the Staff. 73d Foot- H. Fraser, Gent,- to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Henley, whose appointment has been cancelled. 81st Foot-Ensign R. W. O'Dell, from the 58th Foot, to be Ensign, vice Floyd, prometed.Effith Foot,- C.:Robertson, Gent. to be Ensign, by purchase. "89th Foot-To beAssistant-fittr- geons-Acting, Assist.-Sorg. J. Wiles, vice Wo11,-proineted on-the Staff; Actingssist- sietant.,-Surg. W. C. -Roe, 'vise Githowie, -promoted. .92d-Foot7-Sergt.-hiotor 3. George to be Quartermaster, lice D. M•Queen, whoretires upon half-pay. 93d.Foot -Capt. J. Si. Brown, from half-pay Unatt, to be Capt.; Lieut. J. Spratt, from the 36th Foot, to be Capt. without purchase. 94th Foot-Ensign W. E. Harness to be .Lieut.-by purchase, vice-Blair, promoted, by purchase, to an Matt. Company; 'J. XL Aytoun, Gent, to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Harness. 95th Foot-J. J. Bs- :con, Gent. to be Ensign, by purchase; Lieut. W. Braybroolee tobe befit. vice Mac- donald, promoted ; Aesist.sSurg,. F. Smith, from-the Staff, to be Sing. vice Browne, deceased.

Staff-sBrevet Lieutenant-Colonel E. A. G. Muller, from the.lst Foot, to.be Major of-a•Depht.Battalion.

'Hospital Staff-Tole Deputy Inspectors-General of-hospitals-Staff-burg. of. the 'First Class R. Battersby, Staff-burg. of the First Class T. Alexander. . To be Staff- Surgeons Of the.First Class-Surts..G.. Taylor, M.D. from the 6th Dragoon Guards ; .Stalf:Sum:ofthe Second Class T.. loarld.D.,vice Hawkey, decessert;.Surg../La. G. Grant*, from the -9th Light Drags-race -Thom, deceased ; Burg. ,W.:Denny..from the 14th Foot, vice Alexander, promote& To be Staff-Surgeons of the Second Class -Sorg. W. Barrett, M.B. from Supernumerary in the 71st Foot ; Assist.-Surg. A. Smith,M.D, from the 37th Foot ; 'Astdst.-Surg. H. 'F. Smith, M.D. from the 16th Foot' Assist.-Surgs W. 11.-Jephson, M.D. 'from the 96th•Foot, vice iddline,appointed tothe 8th Drag. 'Grittids ; Assist.-Sorg. T. P. Wall, from the 89th Foot, vice Ander- son, deceased ; Sorg. R. K. Prendergast, from _the '65th Font, lice Fox..promoted. .To be Assistant-Surgeon-Acting Assist.-Surg. H. W.Jlelleworice Smith„promoted. To beActing Assistant-Surgeons J. H. White, Gent. A. Weir, Gent. S. H. Dicker- son,- GenL.C. Beaufey, Gent. G. Si. Cardin, Gent. F. 'Bowen, Gent. P. H. Watson, M.D. F. Graham, Gent. H. C. Miles, Gent. G. 'Jones, Gent. J. H.Gilborne, Gent. P. J. Hoey,Gent. vice Semple, appointedtothe '18th Foot, D. B.Ilines, Gent. vice -Wiles, appointed to tbe 89th Foot, H. L. 'ft-soden, "Gent, viceffiellew, appointed Staff Assist.-Surg. H. J. Philpot vice -.Grabber's., appointed to the '71st Foot, J. G. Taught, (3ea.-vice Roe, appointed to the 89th Foot, C. Williams, Gent, H. J. French,

'Gent. G. Bedford, Gent:11. B. Fisher, Gent. J.:Masters, Gent-II-Rowe, Gent. W.D. 0ent..S. Dickson, Hancorne, Gent. A. D. White, Gent. W. Clegg, Gent.


To be "Lieutenant-Colonels in the Army-Brevet Major J. II. Cooke, of the 21et Foot ; Brevet Major T..Stevenson, of the 30th Foot; Brevet Major B. Parker, of the filltli,Foot.

To bellaiontin the Army--.Capt. T. Stevensom of the ...30th ,Foot; Capt. E. Parker, of the 60th Foot; Capt. C. E. Gibson, of . the 24thlout ; Copt.. J. Gore, nil- tirmifrillspasy.B.oyal Artillesy„the.raokbeingonly honorary.

Memorandum-The appointment of Acting Veterinary Surg. Partridge to to Veterinary Surg. of the Ilth Light Drags. as stated. in :the Ciasetteof • the:Midi:ult. .hasbeeu cancelled.


The undermentioned officers who-had-retired upon full-pay-Of the R.oyallifarines, previously to her Majesty's Order-in Council olthe,13th September 1854, to be pre- snotedtto a step of Brevet Rank, in order to place them in -as favourable position as those,of. their •rauk who may hereafter obtain retirement under the previsions of the sant Onter.in Council, viz. LieutenantssColonels to,beColunela in the Army-E. licarle,J.M'Artimr, W. Clendon. :Brevet -Majors tote Lieutenant-Colonels intim . Army- J.Williams, T. Lemon, J.11eming, T. Seoth.J. Fyomore, -W. leKimion, Hamilton,- C. C.- Williamson,. C. -W. -Pearce. ,Captains "to be Majors in the .Army-T. Hurdle, G. Longdon, R.-J. F. Crowther, J. S. Sayer, T. -C. Steward, J. Hoy,,W.S. Knapman,.J. Wilson, J. Islumby, T. Waters, G. T. Welc_hman_, .1. 0. Bicbardson,..1..E. Jones,.R. Webb, W. Ford, J. Hewett, G. B. Pepyat, W. O. Do- 'von. . Wawa, G. Pattoun, D. , Galloway, 1'. R. Thomas, J.-Cooke. J. Shute,J.T. .:uacrueke,r, Dwavis,,J. T. Cracknell, 11. James, John 'Brutton. J.B.Musseall, Nonce, R.. Searle, Ms Smith, P. J ../. Dusautcy. T.,Park, G. Griffin, J. Dowman, C. ,E. 'Neiman, T. 'Deaden, J.-Edieston,.R.Mtight, W.. Gordon, E. Ap- pleton, ,C. Barnes, P. M. Atrlieller. J. Miller, C. Miller, -P. -Onslow. The alxive cuibulifisions to bear date Nay. 2.1, 1651.