13 JANUARY 1855, Page 15


, Orr the-14th Getober,mt-Cape Towns the Wife of the:Tien...Rawson Wm. Rawson,

Colonial Secretary, of a son.

rEhrtircld -Jemmy; irtSpring Gardens, the Wife of.the Hon. Sir WilliamTardley,

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court-cif Judicature at Bombay. of a son. On the 6th, in Harley Street, the Wife_of the'Rev. Edward Thompson, D.D., Vicar of Kington, Herefordshire, of a daughter. Go the 7th. the _Countess of Verulam, of a son.

Chrthe leth,.at the London Orphan Asylum, Clapton. the Wife of the Bev. Henry ...Beattie, M.A., Chaplain and Head Master, of a daughter.

thelOth, at.Hill Rouse, Bridgewater,- the Countess of Cavan, of a son.

On the.11th, at'Stsiffettl House:the Marchioness of Kildare, of a daughter.


.0n the-19th Decenther,- at St. 'John's, Hampstead, William Wray, Esq., to Isabel Grace, youngest daughter of the late Major-General-Adam Hogg. On the2d Jarman-, at !Tor Church, -the Rev. It.G. Browne, eon of -Lieutenant- General-Sir Henry Browne, to Careline,_elde.at_daughter _af Arthur Canhew, Esq., of Abbey Vale, Torquay.

On the 24..atalt. George's,,Elanover Square, Major Warre, only surviving son of sthe late _Lieutenant-General Sir W. Warre, C.B., to Georgians Emily, widow of 'William Pitt Adam, Esq.. late Charge d'Affaires to the-Republic of Peru, daughter of the late-Robert. Lakin,. Esq.

,On the 4th, in Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, the Rightlion. the Lord Massy, of Dtudryleague• and -Hermitage, Limeriek. to .Isabella, eldest daughter of thelate George More Nisbett, of Caunbill, Lanarkshire.

On-the 60,,at St. James's Church, the Lord Bithop of Gibraltar, to Eleanor Jane, daughter of Colonel' Fraser, of Castle Fraser, N.B. On the 8th, according to the rites of the Catholic -Church, and afterwards in St. Jrunes'a Church,.Paddington, Maurice James' O'Connell, Esq., eldest-son of James iCrConsell:Esq.,- of • Lakeview, -Killarney, to "Emily Chines, youngest daughter of -Rear-Admisal-SirltichartIO'C000rsK.C.11., of Westbourne Terrace, Hyde Park. On the 9th, at Wellesbourne, Wartvicksbire, Captain Edward 'Charles Ralph Shel- don, second son of the late Edward Sheldon, Esq., of Brailes House, Warwickshire, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of .the- late -Lieutenant-General William Francis .Bentinek Loftus.

- On the 10th, "at-Trinity Church, Bath, Hebert Peel Floyd, Esq., Captain First ,Devon Militia, son of Major-General Sir Henry Floyd,.Bart...to Jane Caroline,. relict rotate late Charles William Moutgomery, Esq., of Cies:elands,. Dawlith, Devon. tOn the.11th.satsTrinity Church, St. Mary lebone, Charlton 1.1. Tucker, Esq., Eighth MeogahLight Cav.slry,.youngest son of the late Henry St. George Tucker, Esq, of Portland Place, to-Harriet, eldest daughter of the late- 11.13.Mason, Esq., citaaies, 'Middlesex.


On the 14th December, at Kitts:led, in Hungary, • Lieutenant-Colonellocius Gary, likath Regiment of Cuirassiers (Walmoden),.thirdson of -the late John Cary, Esq., of Torre Abbey, Devon • in his 45th year. • - On the 17th; at sea,Vommander Archibald Douglas Jelly, R.N., late of.-11.31.S. :Bermuda, youngest son Of the late Stewart Jolly, H.q.

On theS8th. at Fletence, John Stratford Rodney, eldest son of the late-Hen. John and Lady Louisa Rodney. On.the 1st January, at-Stanley-SL.Leonards, Gloucestershire, Mrs.. SaraWKeyes ; sin her 94th .year. -On the Scis at Clifton, Elizabeth, widow ofthe Rev. Stiverd 'Jenkins, .of Locking, ,Somersetshire ; in her 95th year. On the 4thothLostieJs, the Rev-John Stoddart, DJ),, Rector of Lowick and Ishii,- l'ierthamptenshire.; in his. 61st year. ,Ors the 4th, in Duke Street, .WestininstersSophia, widow of Sir Mare :Isambard :Brunets. in her 80th year.

On the 4th,"Mrs. Blakesley, of Dorset Terrace, Clapham-Boad ; in her 90th year. On•ther4th, at Paignten, Devon. James Henry Reyuett, Esq., Captain Ahalfspity) 'Forty-fiftli:Regiment, a-Peninselar cetera's; in his 6.10 year. On.the 5th„..M.Skelton Castle, Torkshite. the -Hon. Charlotte Wharton, widow-of .theitev. William Wharton, 'Vicar of • GLUing, near Richmond, Yorkshire ; tuber 81st year.

On the 6th, at Saxlinghara, Norfolk,theRev.- Sheldon Jodrell, for more than forty- :two:years Rector of-that parish; ,in his 67.th, year.

On the Ith, at St. Leonards, the Lady Ann Maria, wife of William Monsell,"Esq., M.P.• in her.-4.1st year.

Dn the Itb, at St. ,kudtew'e,N.B., Dr. J. Argy 11 Robertson, F.BAS.E...late•Fred- .dent.of.the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh. On the8th,in Londons Captain Downes, of Letten" Court, Herefords Captain, half- pay, of the-Eleventh Hussars, and formerly of the Third Light Dragoons.

On the-Stb,.ioDonduit -Street West, Hyde Park, James -Shipley, •Esq., .Com- mender ILN.;-in his 71st year. Ow the 8th, in Germany, Eaura,fourth daughter of Sir Joseph Patton, .MPs; in lier,16th year. On the 1601,..atEdniburgh, the Hon-Lord _Robertson. On the 10ths in Westhourne Terrace, Rear-Admiral Richard. 0'.Conor,