13 JANUARY 1855, Page 2

the ( nut Alves a brief stay of two days at

Osborne, the Queen and her family set out for Windsor Castle at two o'clock on Tuesday, and arrived there a little after five. On the way, her Majesty and Prince Albert inspected one of the huts, many of which were lying about the Clarence Yard, and which had been put up for the occasion.

Prince Albert visited London on Thursday morning ; called an the Duchess of Gloucester ; and returned to Windsor in time for the Queenle- liineheon.

'Die guests at Windsor Castle, since her Majeaty'aretunr, have-in.. eluded the Duchess of Kent, the Marquis and the Marchioness of Aber. corn, and Lord Torrington. Lieutenant-General Sir De Lacy Evans had been invited for Tuesday, but he was prevented by indisposition from attending her Majesty. The Countess of Neuilly, the Prince and Princess of Joinville, and the Duchess of Coburg, visited the Queen yesterday.